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Final Update

It’s been a while since we made any updates to TrumpScript, and we just wanted to make it official that our development on this project has stopped and that we will no longer be accepting issues or pull requests on this repo.

Frankly, this joke isn’t funny anymore. Rather than spend your time beating the “Trump is ridiculous” meme to death, please actually do something instead and donate to:


Make Python great again


TrumpScript is a language based upon the illustrious Donald Trump. As the undeniably best US President, we found that the current field of programming languages does not include any that Trump’s glorious golden combover would approve of.

TrumpScript is our solution to this. It’s the programming language Trump would approve of. Just like he is going to make America great again, we hope our efforts will make programming great again.


To use, download the .zip and extract the contents or clone the repository by typing

git clone

Add the TrumpScript root directory to your system PATH using one of the two following techniques

  1. Temporary: Write export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/TrumpScript/bin to terminal.
  2. Permanent: Append export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/TrumpScript/bin to the end of your ~/.bashrc file.



Our language includes several convenient features, perfect for any aspiring Presidential candidate including:

If you find you can’t get any TrumpScript to run on your computer (probably because we disallow the two most popular operating systems), you can specify the --shut_up flag to let the interpreter know you just want your code to run, damn it.


The grammar of the language is fairly convoluted, but here’s a taste of the enlightened decisions we’ve made.

Arithmetic operators:

Control flow:

The exciting parts:


What are we in this country
Hillary speaks nothing but lies
But look at me I came to this election to make guys
believe again
believe in fact
if, all of us real lies the light; : say "VOTE TRUMP" !
but I know we should be free
else the result will be bad: all the work of George
Washington was for nothing
so this election say "Hello World" say "TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT"!
America is great.

But most importantly, Trump doesn’t like to talk about his failures. So a lot of the time your code will fail, and it will do so silently. Just think of debugging as a fun little game.

Because We Pretend We’re Good People

If this page entertained you, consider making a donation to your favorite charity or political campaign.

I’m a fan of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, donate here

There’s also Hillary Clinton, and of course Donald Trump himself.

Because We’ve Sold Out

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also buy us a beer (or two) for more brainstorming because our small loan of a million dollars wasn’t enough:


Bitcoin: 1AKK76WNmQheCYgZEksB61Jyp1voYxN63v

Hey, this repo seems pretty dead…

This project is (probably) not totally dead, and we’ll get back to it eventually, but hold tight for now, since we’re all busy students full-time.

But by all means, please submit a pull request! We’re all just shocked this has blown up so much, and we’d love to get this language implemented “properly!”


Hey, cool, we got an article on Inverse written about us!

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And The Washington Post





Created for HackRice ( by:

Sam Shadwell, @samshadwell

Dan Korn, @DnlRKorn

Chris Brown, @CryoBrown

Cannon Lewis, @cannon10100